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Bulldozer ZD160(S)-3/6

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17 / 06 / 2022
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Detail Bulldozer ZD160(S)-3/6

The power system of ZD160 series bulldozer is equipped with WEICHAI WD10G178E25 turbocharged engine. With fuel consumption reduced by 20%- 25%, the environmentally friendly engine features high reliability, energy-saving performance and less noise. Working together with an advanced driveline, it provides advanced power matching and high rated power. Precise and reliable electronic monitoring system enables operators to know the equipment operation condition in real time.

ZD160-3 bulldozer for hot area is equipped with air conditioning system and water tank specially designed for desert areas. The UV protective film for cab window and UV protective layer for hose are optional. It can work in about 50℃ high-temperature environment.

ZD160(L)-3 bulldozer for cold area is provided with intake preheater, engine with integrated fuel filtering pumping and preheating unit, cab with double-glazed window,heater, large-capacity battery resistant to low temperature and seals of cold-resistant materials. It can work in -35℃ low-temperature environment.

ZD160S-3 / ZD160SH-3 bulldozer is equipped with large-capacity R-blade. Boasting extremely high operation efficiency, it is specially developed to handle loose materials with lower shoveling density and larger individual volume.
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