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CAFS Fire Fighting Vehicle

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17 / 06 / 2022
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Detail CAFS Fire Fighting Vehicle

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CAFS fire fighting vehicle is widely used in solid material fire-extinction such as industrial buildings and civil buildings; also can be used in liquid fuel fire-extinction such as oil fields, oil depots, terminals.

01. Large approved passengers capacity;Great engine power with lighter gross weight.

Comfortable, spacious;Great engine power with lighter gross weight;Strong climbing ability;Good passing ability.

02.Operation integration

One person can complete all the operation on one console, it is very convenient.

In the pumping stations there are arranged water inlets, water outlets and foam outlets on both sides.

0 3. Powerful fire-fighting capacity

Great loading of fire extinguishing agent.Provided with a 65mm diameter form outlets, the vehicle can transport foam to the 200 meters far.

Fire prevention protection.Dry foam can be use for protection of surrounding objects, insulate them, preventing the fire from expanding.

Fire-extinction capable for different fire.The vehicle could switch A/B form fire-extinguish model according to the circumstances.

0 4. Equipment box of reasonable layout

Equipment layout is humanization, rationally arranged, with high utilization of space

0 5 .Full aluminum alloy body

The full upper body is made of aluminum material, smaller size, little weight, good looking and anti rust.
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