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Combine Harvester

Update Terakhir
17 / 06 / 2022
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1 Unit



Detail Combine Harvester

Adopt 4-knife type stalk roll + cluster picking plate device, efficient stalk pulling, less broken stalks, high reliability, strong applicability.
Adopt bract-removing device of 4 groups of rubber roller and cast iron roller sink-shaped lines, elastic conveying of clusters, less loss of kernels, good cluster removing ability, high efficiency.
Adopt 12-blade fan and dismountable stalk re-pulling and re-chopping structure, better cleaning and less impurities.
New vibration screen with bract removing device, discharging impurities to the front of chopper, chopped completely and dropped to the field.
Equipped with 140 hp 40-cylinder direct injection superchargedengine, strong power, low fuel consumption, good economy, efficient operation.
Larger caliper brake adopted in front wheel, shoe brake adopted in rear wheel, automatic adjustment of brake clearance, more reliable and safer brake.
New luxurious cab, equipped with reverse video, comfortable drive, easy manipulation. traktor
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