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Electric Stacker Truck

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17 / 06 / 2022
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Detail Electric Stacker Truck

Stacker Electric

Safe & Efficient
Double lines solenoid valve, three kind’s deceleration model.
Curtis driving and steering controller, more stable and efficient.
With lifting limit switch to shut off pump motor at the max, lifting height.
Ac stepless motor, more powerful, lower-noise and safer.
External charger plug, it’s needn't open the cover and makes charging be convenience.

Excellent performance
Owning electromagnetic regenerative dual braking system.
Emergency reversing device, emergency switch, EPS equipped handle to be effortless.
There are standing, walkie, low running speed and limit speed function at overhead to meet kinds working condition.

Comfortable & practical
Turning automatic speed limit functions improve the operation comfort.
AC Motor eliminates replacement of carbon brush.
Large removable pedal with shock absorption function, operating space and driving comfort.
Adjusted performance make the driving be smooth and comfortable.
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