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Foamwater Tank Fire Fighting Vehicle

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17 / 06 / 2022
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Detail Foamwater Tank Fire Fighting Vehicle

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Foam/water tank fire fighting vehicle can be widely used in solid material fire-extinction such as industrial buildings and civil buildings; it can be used for oil fields, oil depots and terminals liquid fuel fire-extinction.

0 1.Powerful fire-extinction capacity; Operation is simple and convenient.

Quick rescue, superior performance.Fast rescue and superior performance, with well know chassis brand, the engine power is strong, with multi person capability of the cap, quickly reach the fire site.

The strong fire extinguishing performance.The maximum load of extinguishing agent of vehicle is 25 tons and max flowing of water pump is 6000L/min, it can put out the fire effectively.

Operation is simple and convenient.Firefighting operations can be operated on centralized console on the right side in the rear of the vehicle. The console is far away from the water outlet in order to make operating safely and convenient.

0 2. Large storage apartment

The outlet arranged in the rear of truck in order to save space. Truck can carry more fire-extinction and rescue equipments.

0 3.Anti-corrosive and durable tank .

Tank wall make of good anticorrosion materials, these materials can extend the service life of tank. Minimum service life of tank is up to 10 years.

0 4. According to users' demands there are various configurations to choose.

Flexible optional configurations based on customer requirements.According to users' requirements, there are various optional equipments to choose, such as LED lamp for lighting, automatically inflates and charges device, imported water pump, water pump and etc.
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