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Lighting Fire Fighting Vehicle

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17 / 06 / 2022
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Detail Lighting Fire Fighting Vehicle

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Lighting fire fighting vehicle has 3-articulated booms. It can be used to light various complex scenes for large fire fighting and rescue.

01. Unique outlook design
Break the normal lighting tower fire vehicle design concept, with more than 20 patents and new technology, strong manufacture capability. It is a new generation of lighting tower fire vehicle with independent intellectual property rights.

0 2. Powerful electronic generator
Generator rated power is 90KW; besides it own use, it can provide 70kW power to external.

0 3. Reasonable design for body structure
Humanization equipment layout and equipment box is placed in a large number of rescue equipments according to the user needs.

0 4 Strong illuminating function
Working height of the 3-articulated booms could reach 16m, and eight 2Kw metal halide lamps are installed on the top of the booms, it could be working under the force six-gale.
The lamps have a wide and multi-angle illumination function that the furthest distance could reach 200m.

0 5 With large space for storage variety of rescue tools
Equipment box is placed in a large number of dismantling, detection, protection, smoke, plugging and life-saving rescue equipments according to the user needs.
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