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Platform Fire Fighting Vehicle

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17 / 06 / 2022
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Detail Platform Fire Fighting Vehicle

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01.Excellent rescue capability
All main booms could extend and retract simultaneously which means high rescue efficiency. And the articulated boom is designed on the side of main booms for decrease the height of the vehicle. All booms are designed in polygonal section with higher flexural strength and tensional strength, which means lower deflection and oscillation in working.

02.Powerful fire-extinction capacity
The vehicle 's water system assembled with water pump, water tank, water-monitor, water pipe, so it can extinguishing through its water system or other vehicle's water system, and all water-pipes are designed in stiffness structure including the pipes at hinge point.

03.beautiful appearance design
The overall measurement of the vehicle is rather smaller than others FF trucks of compactor in the same height of rescue capability, better motility. It can be used in various complex conditions.
The vehicles could operate in condition of outriggers can't fully expending; it is quit suitable for the narrow area rescue. The system could calculate the best safety working range in condition of outriggers is random expended and supported.

04.Ultra safety technology
The 8 times safety factor of booms' telescopic structure is more than the national standards.
The water pressure protection system can release the pressure rapidly that could protect the water-system very well.
High precision load-detection sensors
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