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Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicle

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17 / 06 / 2022
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Detail Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicle

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Emergency rescue fire vehicle is suitable for airport, dock, petrochemical enterprise, expressway and city for emergency rescue. It is the necessary truck for fire brigade.

0 1.Rational tool apartment arrangement
Using a new type of special device, such as a rotating frame, a pull plate, aluminum alloy box, plastic boxes, can integrate and clarify of the storage; pick up and storage conveniently, maximize the use of space. According to user needs, can store large number of dismantling, detection, protection, smoke, plugging, life-saving rescue equipment.

0 2. Electricity generation and lighting system
Great power of the generator ; high elevating pole; big pitching angle, without dead point; remote control, wired remote control and other control modes can choose; it is convenient to operate.

0 3. Winch
Characteristic of winch is high power, long distance, easy operation and maintenance.

0 4. Crane
Hoisting ability of cranes is strong; convenient for repair; Personalized customization can be offer according to client's requirements.
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