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Truck Mounted Pumps

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17 / 06 / 2022
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Detail Truck Mounted Pumps

Mounted Crane

• Compact in design. If you want a truck pump with 38m boom working in narrow space, you can choose ZOOMLION 38X-5RZ on a 2 axles truck.
• Dual-function. Max. pressure is up to 150 bar, so it can be used as a city pump.

• Boom intelligent damping technology. Reducing the impacting vibration of booms and makes operate more stably, reliably and safely.

• Accurate pumping control technology(APC):Great leap of pumping accuracy and adaptability, improving pump efficiency.

•Adaptive concrete material pumping technology: Specially designed for poor concrete with easy segregation and big viscosity, and auto-adaptive pumping mode, reducing the block rate by more than 50%.

•Full self-diagnosis before, after and during pumping to ensure working safely.
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