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Water Tower Fire Fighting Vehicle

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17 / 06 / 2022
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Detail Water Tower Fire Fighting Vehicle

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Water tower fire fighting vehicle is suitable for large fire disaster fighting including oil drilling, high rise construction, oil chemistry plant, large warehouse and public place.

01.Multi function and variable capability

Centralized handling. All operating handles, switches and buttons are integrated on one console; One person can complete all the operation on one console.

Remote control. 40m wired remote control systems is used to control the action of truck. It is quite suitable for oil drilling, oil chemistry plant and other dangerous places fire-extinction.

Automatic control system. The vehicle uses the excellent hydraulic and electronic components. And it’s assembled with contracted lines layout that is more convenient for maintenance, more safety and reliably for operation.

02.Powerful fire-extinction capacity

The vehicle equipped the most advanced water/foam pump and fire monitor. The range is over 80 meters at pressure rated.

03.With rational boom design, strong capability

Smart simulate boom design. Booms are designed with telescopic and articulations structure to guarantee the smart action move. The combination action could be finished within only 60 seconds.

The boom can act moving while spraying, to save fire-extinction time.

Hard pipe connections. Lower pressure loss, safety and reliably.

04.Rational overall arrangement, high safety

With 4 quick-connect water outlets on each side, it's quite convenient.

Pressure relief protection. The valve on the water tank could release the water when pressure inside the tank over the specified value.

05.One-side extending support technology

All ZOOMLION aerials fire trucks could work in condition of unilateral leg expended that means less support space, and it is quit suitable for the narrow area rescue.

06.Slip-ring driving system

According to slip-ring driving system, ladder could rotate continuous with 360-degree, Also nozzle assembled on the top of ladder could spray when ladder is in motion.
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